I Have No Interest In Being a Creature-Bitten Superhero

As is our usual ritual, Ben and I were watching a show the other night in the den, when out of the corner of my eye I see something flutter and fall through the air. Immediately our cat, Zoe, charges for whatever it is. And then I hear the squeaking…
I scream out “It’s a bat!” and in a flash we’re both as far away from the cat and the bat as we can be, while still keeping an eye on it.
Now I was so good at spotting what this was because this is not the first time we’ve had a bat in our house. No no. One morning I walked into our dining room and almost picked up the half-dead creature before I realized what it was. And then I had to go to work so Ben and a friend got to deal with it.
But this time, it was just the two of us. Oh and the cat. Thank goodness for cats! If you are not a cat person, it’s experiences like these where you come to love them. We watched Zoe mess with it for a while until it came out into our view. Yep, definitely a bat. Thankfully it wouldn’t or couldn’t fly, so it just tried to crawl away while the cat batted it around. So we left Zoe to keep it occupied while we grabbed towels and brooms to get it out of the house. When we were ready we actually had to get the cat out of the way in order to throw a towel over the squeaky little flying rodent and then Ben swept it out the front door into the yard.
Then we were on the hunt for where these things are getting in. Turns out we had a window that was broken. So, note: old houses aren’t really that bad, just make sure your windows and doors are closed completely. We certainly have been getting closer to nature better since living in this house. Between bats, ants, spiders, ladybugs, and a snake (only in the yard, not the house thankfully) it’s a veritable wilderness. It’s a good thing we have a cat that’s braver than the rest of us.

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