Advances on the Home Front

Basically all I think about lately is sewing. It is my new obsession. Pretty much if I’m not working on a project, I’m looking at patterns online, searching sewing blogs, and looking for free and easy do-it-youselfers. And on the sewing front there’s been a lot of exciting things recently.
First off, my wonderful hubby bought me an early birthday present.

That’s an antique sewing box, with pin cushions on top and a long drawer on bottom. Absolutely love it 😀

And secondly, I got new patterns!

McCall’s was having a $2 online sale, so I couldn’t resist. I hate buying online cause you still have to pay shipping. But patterns can be so expensive! And one reason of making my own clothes was to save money, so I couldn’t pass this up. Turns out though, the Hobby Lobby in town had the same patterns on sale for $0.99. I could’ve saved a bundle more, but it was a good deal nonetheless. And I can’t wait to make these. The next will be Ben and I’s Halloween costumes. We’ll be pirates this year. Argh.

And lastly, the most exciting thing of all: I think I have actually made a dress that a) doesn’t look like crap and b) I will actually wear. It just needs hemming, but then hopefully, I’ll have pictures. Zoe has been helping me out, and we’re almost finished.


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