Halloween Hubbub

So I am making Halloween costumes for Ben and I for this year. So far it has been a horrible project.
I ordered the pirate patterns online, and once they finally came in, they were the kids version. Then I went to Walmart to buy the right pattern. Got home, it didn’t have all the pieces in it. Went back to Walmart, got the right pattern with all the pieces, finally got home and started cutting and sewing. I got enough done of Ben’s pants to try them on him, but when I tried to finish them my machine just wigged out. I couldn’t believe! Of course, just another thing to go wrong with this stupid project. I went through the manual, cleaned it, changed threads — no go, it wouldn’t work. I threw a tantrum, and was just about ready to throw that machine out the window. Thankfully Ben took the time to talk me down and make me go on a walk with our puppy, Colby. Afterwards, I sat back down at my machine and started at it again. And then I realized I had changed the needle and put it in backwards. Not upside down mind you, I’m not that retarded. But backwards. And then it worked.
Yes, I am still a child.
Yep, and that’s about it.
On to the pirate pants now.


One thought on “Halloween Hubbub

  1. Totally there with you! I'm obsessed with sewing little boy clothes. At the moment I'm about to sew my first button hole…I've made 5 practice ones :)! I'm sure something will go wrong now that I'm about to actually do it on my project ;)!Have fun with it!

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