I’m A Fan

I have a friend that will be famous one day. She writes, and if she writes about nothing else she can write about the amazing life she has and the amazing people she’s met along the way. She started in a tiny little Mississippi town no one’s ever even heard of and is still living prior to desegregation, which spawns enough raw material to fill a lifetime of writing. Now in grad school, she’s surrounded by the creme de la creme of the artistic world. Who’d have thought that was in Iowa, of all places? When I get her letters it’s like falling into a good book or an enthralling movie, getting swept away in the zany things of her everyday life, not to mention the countless men that fall in love with her all the time. She’ll say it’s not romantic or appealing at all, that they’re old and weird and unattractive, but that doesn’t discount the fact that they keep popping up wherever she goes. If she ever wanted to be a gold-digger, there were a couple of men that wanted to sweep her away to some corner of Europe and give her everything she could desire, including the time to travel and write to her heart’s content. But for now she just takes classes with people from every country of the world, and is learning every language of the world. Before long she’ll be a few bestsellers, maybe a pulitzer, and kings and sheiks and emperors as friends…
Ok so maybe I exaggerate a bit. But I have no doubt that she’ll succeed. And once she hits it big, boy am I going to cash in.


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