Christmas Preparations

So this will be Super-Hubby and I’s second Christmas married, and we have decided to attempt Christmas cards. It’s always fun to take a nice pretty picture, and mail it out to all our friends and family. But alas! They are so expensive! Thankfully Shutterfly has a great deal going – blog about them, and get 50 free holiday cards (If you’re interested, check it out here: I’ve done other promotions for Shutterfly, and they’re great! We got a nice picture collage for FREE when we got engaged. So I thought I’d try this out. And to see any of their holiday cards check it out here:
I really like this one, but now we just have to agree on one. Woohoo, won’t that be fun. I can’t wait to send them out. 
And now, we just have to get a Christmas tree, decorations…oh and gifts. Yay for shopping season!

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