I can feel my fingers, so it’s time to blog

Today is supposed to be the beginning of our terrible winter storm. Last year the storm actually brought a few feet of snow, but so far today it’s not living up to the hype. Just some sleet. Still keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll get bad enough to close my office tomorrow…

So a lazy Sunday afternoon with every heater in the house on and Ben and I snuggled up in blankets. Oh the joys of an old house…Right now I’m sitting with my feet propped up in front of the furnace for them to thaw out.

I would be sewing right now if my machine was cooperating, but alas…she’s on the fritz. When she broke on my yesterday I almost broke something else. But this is a good excuse to catch up on the blog. Kendra, I was in the middle of finishing your last chair cushion, so when the machine decides to work again it’ll be the first thing I do.

The holidays were busy busy as usual. But besides that I haven’t done anything else because of my Christmas present from Super Hubby.

Best. Present. Ever.

The break was nice; I even took some time off work. Christmas was all of the Jackson families squeezed in when we could: my dad’s family before Christmas, and the rest of my family on Christmas Eve for the annual IHOP dinner after church. This trip was a special one because it was my nephew’s Layne first pancake experience. You could tell this was a big deal because of all the pictures that his mother took to document the occasion. And that little kid racked up on presents; I’m pretty sure he had more than the rest of the family combined. Well at least he’s at the age that he doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t say, “I don’t like that.”

Christmas morning we spent with Ben’s mom and family. We had a wonderful non-traditional Christmas meal of beef strew. I actually didn’t have to eat turkey or ham once over the holidays. We’ll mark that as a victory for the taste buds. I’m just glad we got to see them for Christmas since the week prior they all had the flu and then Ben’s brother got walking pneumonia. But they managed it.

New Years we spent down in Orlando with Ben’s dad and family. We usually only get to see them once or twice a year, so we go down for as long as we can when we go. Our little nephew down there has started talking since we last saw him and loves balls, bubbles, bowling and balloons. Somehow I was christened Aunt Bubbles and Ben’s not going to let that one go. I think I’m stuck with it.

And now that the holidays are over it’s back to the normal swing of things. Hopefully we won’t have any pipes freezing and bursting this year that cause a mess of things.

It’s still not snowing…yet…

Ok I think I will go try the machine again. I might have to kick Ben off the Xbox and play some Mario Kart…


2 thoughts on “I can feel my fingers, so it’s time to blog

  1. We're not fans of turkey at our house either! It has become our tradition to have pizza for Thanksgiving, and this year we had ribs for Christmas. Best part–Kris cooks the ribs which means less cooking for me!

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