Destined for TV Fame?

Last night Super Hubs and I were watching “Worst Cooks in America” on Food Network. Now, I don’t cook in my house because I am not good at it. Ben is good at it and enjoys it, so I gladly let him cook for us. We were discussing how neither of us are such terrible cooks that we need to be on that show. Ben is actually a good cook, and I can do the basics – cook a piece of chicken, brown ground beef, make rice, heat up a can of vegetables – so if I ever have to I can feed myself.
But I do pride myself on being able to bake – Ben’s the cook, I’m the baker. Even with our lopsided oven I enjoy baking cakes and brownies and people always seem to enjoy them.
But apparently I have issues with cookies. In the middle of our show, Ben wanted some cookies. We always have the stuff around for homemade cookies, and they’re easy to make. So I whip up a batch, stick em in the oven, and pull em out a few minutes later…and the crisp smell of burnt cookies wafts out to fill our house.
Perhaps I should’ve been on that show…


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