Aspirations of a Green Floral Print

There once was a lovely fabric that only ever wanted to be made into clothes. For some unknown reason it was banished to the clearance bin at Wal-Mart, but I saved it, took it home, washed it, and safely tucked it away until the perfect project came along. And then it’s big day came: it was going to be a tunic.

Then half-way through, this happened! The iron completely melted it in a mere second. Apparently the overheat protection function on the iron broke…at least that’s what I like to think. Super Husband is kind enough to let me continue thinking that (though there’s always a strong possibility of user error) and he even bought me a new iron.

But it seemed that all hope was lost for this bargain cotton print. But thankfully, the tunic could be made into a shirt. And there was much rejoicing!

As I said to Ben, I seem to have more mishaps than are even probable with my sewing projects. It’s a bit ridiculous.

So after I figured out we could save my fabric and all the work wasn’t completely gone to waste, we went out to Target to get a new iron. And I came home with this:

The sewing machines were right next to the irons, I just couldn’t help myself. And when I saw how cheap this machine was, it seemed too good to pass up. A heavy duty metal frame, but only the most basic of stitches. With as much trouble as my machine gives me,  for my own peace of mind and for the sake of my marriage, I just needed something that would just work. And this does. It was cheap, so not too much can be expected, but I’m happy to have something new. And with the help of my new machine we are getting closer to being finished with my once-tunic-now-shirt project. So we’ll see how it goes…

This is Heidi modeling the progress so far

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