These animals be crazy

Ben and I have three children, Jackson, Zoe, and Colby. Jackson is a lab-chow mix, Zoe is an orange calico, and Colby is an australian shepherd-healer mix. I think I mostly enjoy having them around because I can laugh at them.

This is Zoe’s “don’t mess with me” face
Jackson really gets sad when Ben leaves.
He stares out the window, whining, and waiting for him to come back.
Zoe found a new hiding place in our laundry closet to get away from the dogs.
I couldn’t find her here for several hours either, but now I know where to look.
Something was under the dresser that the cat desperately wanted
This is an unusual state of being for Colby. Normally when I try to
take a picture of her she just turns out a blur. She never stops moving!

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