I’m getting better…at some things

“Oh Ben such a nice shirt you have on! Where on earth did you get such a well-constructed shirt that a lot of time and love obviously went into making it?”
Booyah! cranky sewing machines (I guess I just have issues with machines…or the whole sewing industry is against me)

I finished that finally this weekend. And Ben loves it! But he wouldn’t let me take a picture of his handsome face to show off, so you just get a torso. The only thing that wasn’t great was the pocket, which, of course, is emblazoned right there on the chest, but I think it’s probably good enough only I would notice anything wrong since I made it.

At 6:30 tonight I remembered I have to take a dessert to work tomorrow for potluck. Having to feed a lot of people – best choice is a cake. Not wanting to go to the store – means homemade. Tip: trying to make a homemade cake from an internet recipe and ad-libbing a bit is not always a good idea. I think the cake turned out ok. It’s cooling, so we will see. I even attempted icing, and now have a headache from repeatedly tasting it to get the right ratio of ingredients…but that was a disaster. It taste like a diabetic coma. So I will have to go to the store anyway.
Next time I’ll just make brownies. So much easier, lot less of a headache.


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