Over the Rainbow

Life has been busy. And I’m tired.
I did, though, get some sewing done.

This was my most recent project, but I didn’t finish it. This happens every time I make something for myself. I get close to the end and I’m just disappointed, and then I quit. There’s no point to hem and finish when there are bad stitches I can’t do anything about. Now, yes it looks great in that picture. But there are so many problems when you’re actually holding it in your hands and looking at it up close it just drive me crazy! And so there’s another one to take up space in my closet. Maybe I’ll finish it one day.
And so it’s on to another project. I’ve decided that one issue is I keep buying bargain fabric, or fabric (such as the silky one used in the above dress) that I’m not used to working with. So I just want to buy some nice cotton fabric…and of course the one that I fell in love with at the store was so expensive! So I’ll be waiting a while before buying any. But thankfully I found some fabric in my stash that I can play around with until I have enough money. Now I’m making a shirt (not using a pattern!) so…that’ll keep me occupied for a little while at least. We’ll see how it goes.


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