Family Time

The past couple of days our family game has been “Find the Smell!” With two dogs and a cat, there’s no telling what a rogue smell could be…so after searching high and low, and numerous theories to include dead animals in the walls, we discovered that it was just a broken dishwasher that had dirty water backing up into it. So it will be hand-washing from now on!

In other news, while working for the federal government is a pretty sweet deal, it’s not so much when we’re 6 months into the fiscal year and they haven’t even set a budget yet. So while all those politicians up on Capital Hill continue to argue and haggle, we wait. What does that mean for me? When the effect of what they’re doing trickles on down to the insignificant paper-pushers like me, it means that if they don’t set a budget, I stop working and stop getting paid. While some vacation time would be gladly welcomed, furlough is not. And hence our new family game: “Skim the Budget.”


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