I’m home!

I just returned from 4 weeks in Baltimore, MD for work. (Yes, it’s been more than four weeks since I’ve blogged…I was just being lazy then). It was too long, and I am so glad to be home. While I was gone, Super Hubs struck again! Ben moved us into our new house and surprised me when I got back. I was SO happy to have missed the move (I hate moving). We’ve gotten a lot of unpacking done, but there’s always more to do. Eventually our new place will be set up. 
We now live in the Broadmoor neighborhood by our church. We are so looking forward to being in the neighborhood and a part of the community. 
And our happy animals are enjoying living outside. Well, perhaps not enjoying it since the Mississippi heat has already reached into the 90s, but they are happy to be outside. Ben and I are as well.
Perks of the new house: 
– central air conditioning (we had window units in our other poorly-insultated house) 
– no loud college boys blasting techno at odd hours of the night
– fenced backyard for the dogs (Super Hubs built a sweet pen for the dogs)
– TWO (yes two) working toilets
– Outdoor living room, complete with beer fridge (We don’t try to suppress the country, just let it out)
Yesterday was our anniversary! Two years married to the best husband ever. I can’t believe how much I have grown as a person and we have grown as husband and wife in the past two years. It’s amazing to watch God work in our lives.

What a wonderful day!

Since it’s been so long, I’ll have to catch you up on my sewing escapades as well. I haven’t been sewing recently, except shortening and hemming some curtains, but I did have a couple successful sewing projects a while ago.

This was the fabric I had been saving up to buy. This isn’t a great picture, but this is a wrap-around dress with ruffles on all the edges. The ruffles were much bigger than I expected, but overall I was happy. Next time I’ll probably use thinner material and less ruffles.

There, that’s much better. (And notice the change of background here? This is our new house!)

I’m still having issues picking out fabric that will look good once I’m wearing it…such as this nice little lime-green number. It’s even brighter in person. And the pajama pants make a nice outfit. But it works, at least for summertime. It’s a very simple, quick shirt. It was supposed to be a tank top but I added sleeves. I plan to make several in different fabrics for work, but will just stick to the tank top next time.
That’s about it for now. Probably won’t be sewing for a while as we continue to get settled, and get busy with summer activities – summer movies, baseball games, vacation in Chattanooga with friends, family visiting, and who knows what else!

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