A Summer Crop

Update on the garden: Our watermelons are dying. Sad

In other news, my hair was super long. I mean loooooong.

This is me with my long hair and my Dad

I probably hadn’t cut it in a year or so. I’m rather low-key when it comes to hair, the less I have to do, the better, and I hate paying someone to cut it. I even cut my own bangs cause I’m just that cheap.

But it was time to do something with my unruly mane. The cheapest deal I could find was the cosmetology school around the corner from our house. I realize that schools are cheap because students are cutting your hair, but I figured they can’t mess it up that bad. Since I don’t care too much about my hair to begin with, I could probably deal with however it turned out.

So I went after work on Thursday afternoon. Because my hair was so long, several of the students asked if I was sure, and why I was cutting it. They couldn’t really understand the why, but it didn’t matter.

When my stylist asked me what I wanted, I just said I want it short and I want to be able to wear it curly. Besides that, do whatever you like. He got very excited.

3 HOURS LATER I have a new do. Now in that absurdly long amount of time for a hair cut, I did get it washed, cut, blown dry, and straightened. And there were many people ogling at me as well. The stylist kept assuring me that it was cute, though I didn’t see it until the end. This didn’t actually reassure me at all, but made me rather nervous that he felt like he needed to reassure me.

But after much rough combing over my ears, a sore scalp, and one minor flat iron burn, I was happy with the outcome.

Of course, since I have curly hair, it will never look like this again cause I’m too lazy to straighten my hair. So it will generally look like this

It works. And it’s perfect for the summer. Yay!


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