Bursts of Inspiration

I’ve had a dress design mulling around in my head for a while. I finally had a little money, and Hancock Fabrics was having a great sale, so I went over there to browse for a while. I saw so much I wanted and it was such a good sale, but I restrained myself and only bought a what I needed. Then I found some more on sale at Wal-Mart. I saw some fabric that was just so cute, I bought it on a whim and plan to make a dress with it as well.

The patterned fabric for two dresses, and accent fabrics for lining, ties, and straps

So now I’ve got two projects to keep me occupied for a while. Oh and I still haven’t finished those curtains. But they’re slowly coming along…

And Super Hubby has been busy on his own project. Our puppies needed a raised enclosed house, so Ben decided to build them a dog mansion – complete with a porch! It’ll be perfect for them when it rains and when it’s cold. And hopefully they’ll use it other times too. Now we get to paint it! We’re thinking bright orange…

With immense concentration of brain power alone, he put this together! (The drill is just a prop)

Jackson enjoying his new mansion

Ok, so he did use some power tools. And I got to help! Well, I was a deadweight to hold wood still while he was cutting. Ben said I’m just as good as any tool in a woodshop. 
Go Team Ratliff!

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