Social Crafting

My church has a women’s ministry that is growing increasingly more active. We’ve been trying to do lots to get the ladies together often, including a spring retreat, a Saturday brunch, and last night a craft night. I was so excited for this event!
So several of us toted our sewing machines, others brought their knitting needles, some brought cross-stitch, and everybody else just came to hang out at the church for an evening of fellowship. It was so much fun to see what other people were working on, and to have some company while I sew.

I discovered though, that while I enjoy the company, I get distracted too easily, and end up sewing the wrong stitches, and things backwards. Oops! So perhaps it’s better for me to sew holed up in our little office at home if I actually want to be productive. Nevertheless, we had a great time.

A few ladies sewing on several projects

The back circle was the knitting, etc group, and the front
circle were just hanging out and writing note to our missionaries


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