A little bit of cute

So I have two nephews and one brand new two month old niece. Finally, a little girl! Girl clothes are just so dadgum adorable, I just can’t help fawning over them in the stores. And now I finally have a reason to make baby girl clothes. Oh yay!

So I had a design that popped in my head after I bought that adorable green cheap fabric the other day. And I ended up with this

It turned out exactly how I wanted…except way too big for a two month old! Oh well, at least babies grow a lot and grow fast. So at some point it will fit her, I just hope that it’s not December. It’s just a jumper dress with the white lining with ruffle at the bottom of the lining, buttons on the straps to get on and off.

So I would claim this one as a success because it turned out like the picture in my head, and it will fit (eventually).

I was reading some old posts about sewing projects, and recalling the struggles and frustrations I’ve experienced. And compared to my recent projects, I can really tell I’ve learned a lot and I am slowly but surely getting better. It’s so encouraging, and just makes me want to keep sewing! So on to the next project – a dress for me with that other fabric I just bought. But that will have to wait til after vacation with friends in Chattanooga later this week. Pictures to come!


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