I would agree with most people that being active is good, especially when I have a weakness for cake and ice cream. But besides thinking about it, doing it is a whole other story. It is so difficult to get up the motivation to go to the gym, and it’s way too Mississippi-hot to do anything outside.

So what is a better idea than a fitness workout video game? I want that! I stole borrowed Wii Fit from my brother…last December. Today, in July, I finally decided to try it out.

First perks, I get to play my Wii and I get to workout in the air conditioning of my own home. I also get to try out workouts, like yoga, that I would be too intimidated to do in front of other people. And trust me, you do look ridiculous doing the yoga, the step aerobics, and balance exercises. But you get to play a video game!

So today was my first day to try it out. And I go on vacation in two days, so we’ll see if my early hiatus will disrupt plans to make this a regular workout. But I am a fan of video games that keep me in shape!


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