A Successful Experiment

After this dress I made, I had a good bit of fabric left over. Turns out, to make a baby outfit doesn’t take much fabric at all. So I decided to play around with it and maybe make a skirt. And something actually turned out.

I didn’t feel like putting any closures on it, so the waste-band just ties. It was pretty simple, and I actually like it. I wore it to work today.

In other news our garden is flourishing!

Our cucumber plant is growing like crazy!
These plants are too neat – they shoot out these tendrils and grab whatever they can
It’s produced many flowers but no fruit yet.
Our jalapenos! (Ok, we bought the plant with a couple already on it, but we’ve kept it alive!)
Our lovely basil with flowers. I’ve been told to pick the flowers off so it will keep growing

2 thoughts on “A Successful Experiment

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