Project Runway

Last Thursday was the season premiere for Project Runway Season 9. I haven’t watched this show in years…I didn’t even realize it was still on. But it is still on and comes on Lifetime now, which is odd cause I thought they only showed overly dramatic made-for-TV movies…Anywho, Project Runway is like all those other reality TV show competitions, except in this one they’re not cooking or wooing, they’re SEWING!

I’d like to say I’m not a fan of reality TV, but I watch it nonetheless…so I guess it’s my guilty pleasure. But this one is uniquely interesting cause it’s about several designers that have different challenges every week of things to sew. For example, a challenge on a previous season was to take a hideous bridesmaid dress and refashion it into a nice dress normal people would actually wear. Then of course people get eliminated and there’s eventually a winner and they get some big prize.

It’s a little dramatic. I just want to watch them sew and see what how it all turns out, I don’t care too much for the interpersonal drama. But I still enjoy it, and it keeps me motivated to sew. I’ve been sewing non-stop and finished a dress today. Hope to have pictures soon!


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