Yes, it is designer.

I finished the shirt I was working on. And it didn’t turn out like I meant it too, but I like how it turned out anyway.



goober smile!


I think my next step will be to hire models for my pictures

I made this from scratch. Which is why it didn’t quite turn out like the picture in my head…I cut the neckline too low, so I’ll have to wear it with an undershirt. But besides that it works! It’s kind of fun making t-shirts from scratch. The options are limitless.

And now it’s time for a little math lesson. That Anthropologie shirt I posted in an earlier post? That costs $58. (HOLY CRAP! how is it even possible for a t-shirt to cost that friggin much?!) I bought all that t-shirt material for about $2.50, and maybe used half of it on this shirt. So that would mean I made a (somewhat) similar shirt for $56.75 less. Ok, if I do get better this could seriously be a lucrative hobby. (Do people really spend that much on clothes? Really? Like normal people? Really?)

Oh, if I could just stay home and sew all day long!

Ben is always the first that gets to see my finished products. Of course, he has no choice. His response to this one was: “It looks kind of weird. But it’s like those designer t-shirts we saw.”

Yes, exactly what I was going for. And my own design too!

And all is right with the world again…


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