Surviving a Small House

Ben and I have been married two years, and we are now living in our third house. House #1 was very small. House #2 was HUGE. House #3 is also very small. There’s nothing wrong with a small place. It’s much simpler. And I kind of like the small places because I can talk to Ben from any room in the house, as opposed to House #2 where I had to hunt him down to talk to him. Living in a small area can have its trials, but i have learned some tidbits along the way to make life easier.

1. Dishes take up more space when they’re clean. We don’t have a dishwasher, which means that we not only have to take the time to wash, but there’s nowhere for dirty dishes except on the counter. Even with a large pile, all the dirty dishes fit on one side of the counter. But once they’re washed and on the other side, only a fraction can be piled up at a time. So it’s wash, dry, put away, repeat.

2. Don’t let the kitchen garbage get to stinking. It just makes the entire house wreak, and then you wake up one morning smelling a mixture of the wrappings from the raw chicken you cooked two nights ago, and the leftovers that your forgot about in the fridge and finally threw out. Not a good way to start a morning.

3. Keep lots of candles or pretty smelling stuff on hand. For when #2 inevitably happens.

4. Pets must be evicted. In house #1, we started with one dog. Then added one cat. House #2 we added another dog. House #3 – they all went outside. When there’s hardly enough room for the humans of the house, the animals must go out.

5. Be flexible. I enjoy sewing in my free time. But this requires lots of equipment and tools and space. In House #2 I had my own sewing room/guest room which was perfect! I was never in Ben’s way. In House #3 we now share an office/library/sewing room. But, to prevent my loud machine from disrupting studying, sometimes my sewing room is the living room. And sometimes the kitchen floor. At least all my equipment is portable.

6. Area has no baring on the rate at which dust accumulates. I was excited about our new small area because I would have less to clean! But that doesn’t mean I spend less time cleaning. I’ve actually caught myself being surprised that what I dusted last week is already dusty again! A decrease in space does not mean a decrease in dust.

7. A backyard/porch is essential. As noted in #3, you need somewhere to put your pets. Also, you need somewhere for overflow when you have people over. But with a back porch or yard it’s like your living room just doubled.

8. Downsizing gets you started early on Spring Cleaning. The amount of things that fill up a HUGE place will not fit into a very small place. Therefore, you must get rid of some of it! We were able to finally clean out all of our stuff and pare it down to the essentials. Like clothing, food, and my sewing machine.

9. Don’t let laundry pile up. With minimal floor space, if you allow mountains of clothes to form, it’s a trek just to get to the front door. Especially if they’re not in the laundry room but all over the house. Of course, if you don’t have a gym membership anywhere, this could serve as your daily workout.

10. And finally, being spacially challenged is a benefit, not a curse. Ben will tell you, I am terrible with area and sizes. If we’re buying a tablecloth and forgot to measure, i could not give you an accurate estimate. I was bad at softball because I couldn’t tell how far away the ball was from me when batting. Ben sometimes fears for his life when I’m driving because a car is a lot closer than it seems to me. But having no concept of space, you don’t even notice how little bit of room you have to live in.

With all these down pat, life is a breeze.


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