So I mentioned a zipper pouch I wanted to make in an earlier post. Ben was busy this weekend so I had lots of time to sew. I was super excited. I had fabric scraps and a spare zipper from an old dress I dismantled. So I cut out all my fabric Friday night, and then sewed it all together Saturday morning. I was actually amazed at how quickly I did it, and how great it looked. It was so beautiful: perfectly stitched detail work, straight lines, no exposed seams.

look at those beautiful pleats






And then I zipped it closed. Turns out, if you sew the fabric too close to the zipper it gets caught when you zip it. When you zip over the fabric a few times, the zipper then breaks. And then you end up with a beautiful useless piece of crap.


2 thoughts on “FAIL

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  2. Oh no! I am so sorry. All that work. Zippers are a thorn in my side too. It’s taken me a lot of practice and I still get scared of them. It does look pretty though. 🙂

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