Maternity dress and a birthday

Nope, the maternity dress is not for me. This afternoon, my wonderful friend Christina came over for some sewing! She wants to learn how to sew, and had seen a great maternity dress tutorial online. She is having a little girl soon, and wanted a comfy maternity maxi dress, and asked me to help her with the project. It’s a really simple design, and great for beginners, so I thought we could tackle it. And she did great! I really just facilitated, and tried to teach as we went. She did 95% of the sewing, so I’d say I didn’t really do much.

Halfway through she told me she already had plans to wear this to one of her showers, so I’m really glad it turned out!

In other news, the hubs pointed out to me today that I just missed my blogiversary. As of August 25, I’ve been blogging for a year. Yay! It’s lasted a year! Hear’s to more happy sewing!

my little corner of the world


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