A comfy skirt

I decided I was going to stop taking pictures with my iPhone and try to take better pictures now that we’ve found our real camera. So I got the hubs to help with this one. If you look at any other craftsy, sewing blogs, they take quality model shots. I just can’t help but laugh thinking of myself modeling for pictures. And so this is why they turn out so badly. Well, just look at the skirt, not me.

I had extra purple knit material left over from that shirt I made a little while back. It’s just so soft and flawy I thought it’d make a really comfy skirt. My original intention was a high-waisted, thick waistband skirt, but as you can see it didn’t turn out like that. It’s very simple, not terribly interesting, but super comfy, can dress it up and down, and it has wonderful movement to it when I walk.

I was supposed to make the waist measurement smaller than my actual waist to account for the stretch in the fabric. I thought I did this, but apparently not. So it sits at my hips and I still felt like it might fall off. So I made a braided belt with fabric scraps and ran it around the waist.

Very simple – just take long strips of fabric, braid and tie a knot at both ends. Makes a great headband too if you have leftover scraps.

So earlier this week I was getting excited about getting spending money at the beginning of the month. I started planning my next projects: I have a skirt idea (original design woot woot!), and other things floating around in my head. So I went to just check out some fabrics on Friday after work. I realized I still know sooo little about fabrics themselves. I’ve mainly worked with cotton, and know t-shirt knit. But there are sooooo many types out there, and I got completely overwhelmed (“Can you ever just be whelmed?” <- name that movie) and subsequently discouraged. I didn’t even know where to start on the project I had in mind. But Super Hubs knew exactly how to cheer me up: he gave me my next project. We stumbled upon some cute super cheap fabric at Wally World and I’m going to attempt to make some pleated pillows (the same tutorial I used on my fail zipper pouch). And I have work off tomorrow, so alllll day to sew!

But for today, just a relaxing, lazy day. Happy Sunday and Labor day to all!


4 thoughts on “A comfy skirt

  1. Aw, man, Kendra beat me to it!!!

    I decided awhile ago to learn how to use Andy’s super fancy camera with all the lenses and used it to take fabulous pictures for a couple of blog posts….but it’s just so much easier to use my phone! I find myself resorting to that more often than not. But posts do look so nice with higher quality pictures.

      • Yes, I would love it if you covered the armrests. I realize at the time that you created these covers you were not a master semstress like you are now. Want to give it a go? 🙂 Thanks!

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