Cooling Off

It appears that summer has left and fall has arrived – this, however, is only a ruse. Because, as we all know, Mississippi does not conform to any type of 4-season routine. Some years we just have one season, and we call it Mississippi Hot. And it will be sure to get hot again before it gets colder.

 But with tropical storm Irene, we got a few days of rain and a blast of cold weather. With a break to the sweltering days of summer I am reminded of what I have to look forward to as winter looms:

  • constantly cold toes, fingers and nose
  • lots of soup – best thing to warm me up from the inside out.
  • looking ridiculous – at this moment it’s in the 70s outside, and I’m ready to pull out my boots, long-sleeves, and jackets. But there are still people walking around in shorts and tank tops. So I will resist a little longer so as not to look completely insane. But I guarantee I’ll break out the heavy stuff before you do.
  • nice outings – in the few days we have between Mississippi Hot and winter, there are some nice days to sit outside without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
  • wearing my outer gear inside – though the weather is sporadic between hot and cold, most buildings won’t turn the AC off until it’s officially winter…and I have no idea when that is.
  • fighting with Super Hubby over the thermostat – the one place I have control of the temperature, my home, I actually don’t even control it there. But I will admit, if I could make it hot enough for me in our house, Ben would probably boil alive. It is never warm enough for me, so I’m often forced to bundle up in a coat and blankets.
  • darkness – dark mornings, and dark evenings, and me having to sit inside an office building during the few daylight hours.
  • static electricity- no lie, once it gets cold, every single time I get out of my car, and touch the door to close it, I get a shock. I know there’s science behind it, but I take it as evidence of winter’s malevolence .
  • cold/sinus infection – I get one every year without fail.
  • And of course there are all those holidays with all that family time.

Winter in Jackson is extremely mild compared to most other places in the US. I will admit I’m actually just a huge baby when it comes to cold weather. Thank goodness I don’t live up north! Although that would give me an excuse to dress like an eskimo without looking out of place. I think I’ll take up knitting this winter and make a giant scarf to wrap around all of me. And that won’t look odd at all.


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