Rescuing a disaster

Super Hubby was out of town this weekend for the RUF regional Fall Conference. With him gone, I thought I’d have plenty of time to get some sewing done. And I did have some time, but it just turned out a disaster. At first, I attempted to finish a “one-hour dress” I started the other night. I thought I’d take the idea and run with it another direction. Turns out, I should have just followed the directions because I still do not know enough about different kinds of fabric to anticipate how they will act. So the dress turned out just being too small. So then I thought I’d take the top and sew a skirt of a different material onto it. That was hideous as well.

But this fabric was too soft and comfy to just get rid of, I was determined to find something to do with it. So, in preparation for the cool weather, I made a scarf with this tutorial. I did actually follow the directions this time, but at the end, I gave it a few twists before sewing it all together so it wasn’t just plain. Although, it is quite plain. But a nice neutral’s good to have for anything.

The skirt I tried to attach to the failed dress-top was a skirt I already had. I ended up giving it a drawstring waist, shortening it a little, and voila!

A whole outfit in one weekend. Well, ok a skirt and a scarf. At least I managed to get something finished.

My mishaps with projects recently have me leaning back towards working off of a pattern. It’s good to have structure and instructions, even if it does take forever to cut out the pattern. But maybe that way I will have something turn out right.

We’ve got a super busy week – which seems to be every week – so I’ll probably have to wait til next weekend to sew some more. Oh, such a long time away…



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