Grand Designs

When I first started sewing I thought the idea of making my own fashionable clothes for cheaper than I could buy them was awesome. But I discovered that a lot of patterns are generally very shapeless and plain. And I have trouble imaging more than what the pattern tells me to do.

I read a sewing blog called Adventures in Dressmaking where she often takes multiple patterns and mixes and matches them, or just tweaks them, to create whole new looks. Here’s a post where she shows all the different dresses she has made from just one pattern. My aspiration is to be so creative, and make such good-looking pieces.

With that inspiration, I have come up with my next project idea. I found some great sale fabrics recently, but didn’t have anything in mind yet. I said I was going to work off of a pattern. I want to make a dress, because they’re my favorite things to wear any day. So I sorted through all my patterns, trying to figure out what I could do with the fabric I have, and decided to try this one and mix and match some fabrics.

Simplicity 2497 – just a basic, simple dress. I’m going to do the top in a solid brown, and the skirt in a green and white floral pattern cotton.

We shall see how this project goes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause I can’t – I have to use the scissors.


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