Some Exciting Sewing Items

Exciting Sewing Item #1: I taught my first sewing class last night. Besides all of my students being twice my age, I think it went well as my first ever class to teach. Thankfully my friend that got me set up to teach the class was there to help, because I certainly was floundering as I tried to deal with students that didn’t know the first thing about their machine, much less sewing itself. But with help to get people started this week, I think next week I’ll have my footing and we can run a little smoother and I’ll be a little more able to handle multiple people at a time.

Exciting Sewing Item #2: I’m getting a new sewing machine! I got a surprise bonus at work, and Super Hubby so graciously suggested I use it to replace my dead machine. Haven’t picked it out yet, but hope to find it this weekend so that next week I won’t have to cart my 50 bazillion pound heifer of a sewing machine up to class.

Exciting Sewing Item #3: Super Hubby also gave me a great gift this week – a sewing room! We’ve been sharing a room as his office/my sewing room/our library. And he so kindly offered to move his office stuff out for me to have a room all to myself. And our library. It is wonderful. Now I can work in there anytime and not worry about bothering him while he’s working. And I can leave all my stuff out everywhere and not have to clean up every time I do something. I’ve always wanted to decorate a sewing room with neat sewing instruments, and patterns, and other sewing notions. I’ll definitely have pictures if I ever get around to it. Also hope to finish a dress I’ve been working on for a while now. I only have to insert an invisible zipper (we’ll see how that goes…) and hem the skirt. Pictures of that soon as well!

And Exciting Sewing Item #4: an Etsy store will actually be happening soon. Ben and I have been talking about the possibility of me starting one for a long time now, and we just decided I need to go ahead and do it, and we’ll just see how it goes. So keep an eye out for that. I still have to decide on and prepare my stock for sale, but I’ll be posting for sure when it’s officially launched. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see!

Dangit, this real job I have just gets in the way of all my sewing time.


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