Craft time with the Ratliffs

Ben and I have a really small house, but we love decorating and making our own stuff to make it look as nice as we can. We’ve recently talked about how we want to have pretty and functional things. We found these fabric-covered hangers on Pinterest, and decided to make several. We made two for necklace holders for me (been needing these a looong time), one for hanging keys, and several just for decoration. We’ve only gotten up the ones for my necklaces. But they look great!






I also finished my project for my next sewing class, a tote bag. It’s reversible, and it actually looks good. Perhaps my students will think I know what I’m doing this week. I used this tutorial for the tote.

Still working on the dress I’m making. I had to put the zipper in three times today, and it still wasn’t perfect, but it’s as good as it’s going to get cause I’m tired of pulling out stitches. I’m not doing it for a fourth time. Perhaps I’ll have time to finish the dress this month.

Still waiting to save up enough for my new machine, this old one is driving me crazy it’s so finicky. But at least it works for now.


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