Live Long and Prosper

I’m (almost) 25. And I still love dressing up for Halloween. My favorite costumes are the ones where people come up with a clever play on words, but I’m not that clever, so I’m usually just a character. Thankfully Ben and I have an excuse to dress up this year. I don’t know what we’d do if we had nowhere to go; I guess we’d just have to throw our own party.

This year we’ve decided to dig down deep to bring out our super-nerd and be Star Trek characters. We haven’t decided which season yet. Ben is a bit partial to Geordi La Forge’s visor in Next Generation, and I’m a bit partial to the women’s dresses in the original series – though they do look like go-go dancers.

I will go ahead and admit I’m not really a Trekkie, just a poser. I’ve only ever seen the movies, but love them still. The original cast was my favorite. Spock and I are tight.

I meant to start on our costumes earlier this year, because it was a scramble to get them done in time last year. And yet, look, October’s already here and I haven’t started, and I don’t even have a plan for them yet. Perhaps that will be my weekend project.

The other best thing about Halloween – candy corn! Ben will tell you, I squeal with delight when I pass the big displays in Wal-Mart full of candy corn. But I don’t let myself buy any because I’ll eat the whole bag in one sitting. Best. Candy. Ever. It’s a little fall-colored triangle of pure goodness! I’m afraid I will have to give in and get some before too long.


3 thoughts on “Live Long and Prosper

  1. Star Trek unis…cool! But make sure you don’t go as a “redshirt”…if somebody gets lost or dies on a planet….its always them….unless you’re Lt Uhura…the girlfriend of Cap’n Kirk…

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