No Where’s Perfect

Super Hubby and I love Jackson. It is our history, it is our home, it is our heart. But I’m a realist, and with as many wonderful things as the city has to offer, even Jackson has its downfalls.

The first thing you will notice in Jackson is how horrible the roads are. The potholes and uneven roads are the worst you will find anywhere. Someone once said that Jackson roads came about when a backwoods dirt road got together with an interstate and had mutant babies. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and I’ve been told by non-MS-natives that our drivers are bad too. I just thought bad drivers was a national epidemic, but apparently Jackson has some of the worst. Based on my own observations, I believe it.

A couple years ago Jackson went through the Ice Storm Apocalypse. You see, in the South we don’t know what to do when the roads ice over or when it snows because this only happens once a millennia. And our pipes can’t handle it either. When the city iced over for a few days, all the ancient pipes under the city bursts and we were thrown into the dark ages with no water. Ben and I had to commute to family in the suburbs to bum showers. But anything could make those pipes burst. For instance, right now we have no water pressure at our house because of some unknown problem that the city is diligently(?) working to fix. Thankfully this time we have enough water to take care of basic hygiene, but not enough for a shower so it’s bumming time again.

Welcome to Tornado Alley. Growing up, school tornado drills were so commonplace that I didn’t give them a second thought. We would file into the hallway and crouch with our arms over our heads. When I was little it was fun because we got out of class. Now I realize how dangerous those tornadoes are, and how little good my arms over my head would have helped if the ceiling had collapsed on us. Seems reminiscent of the “duck and cover” drills in the 50s where they hid under their desks to protect themselves from a surprise nuclear attack. Thankfully I did actually learn all the protocol for tornado protection, and Ben and I have even had to implement it a few times – which has meant many sleepless, stormy nights.

Oh, and the heat. The summer will literally kill you. My grandmother says, “It’s hotter’n the dickens.” You should invest in one of those CamelBak packs for continuous, hands-free hydration.

But those are the only negative things I will say about Jackson. That’s not that bad really. If you have an off-road vehicle, a house well, an underground storm shelter, and a personal hydration system, this is paradise.


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