Happy Halloween!

This year, because I procrastinated, it was a mad rush to get our costumes finished for Halloween. But they turned out!

We were Star Trek crew members. Ben was a “red shirt,” which in the original series were the ones that always died. I didn’t know it, but was informed by a real Trekkie, that my blue uniform was a science team crew member. That works. We even got a phaser from Ben’s little brother! I made the shirts, and Ben made the comm badges. Something about my old, finicky machine didn’t like the material I bought for our t-shirts, so it just stopped sewing. I had a near meltdown thinking they wouldn’t get finished, but thank you fabric glue! Ben’s shirt is half-sewn and then glued. Mine is completely glued.

And we got some good use out of them – we had a party to go to, and the church Fall Festival, and I even wore mine to work. Funny thing about wearing it to work – no one even realized that I was in costume until the costume contest. Except, of course, for the one hard-core Trekkie (the one that told me I was on the science team).

Can’t wait til next year! Maybe I’ll finally start before the last minute.


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