Old Bessie’s about to go out to pasture

Besides our Halloween costumes, I haven’t been working on many sewing projects. My machine has been especially finicky. So much so that I haven’t touched it in a week. I’ve finally just accepted the fact that it’s going to die. It hasn’t yet, and hopefully I can get some Christmas projects finished before it does, but it’s just inevitable at this point and I need to be saving towards a new one. Maybe I worked it to death, or perhaps it is just its time to go. I’m determined to get a quality machine this time, so I have a price I’m aiming at and I’m researching like crazy to find the best machine I can get. So we’ll see how it all turns out.

Before my machine went berserk, I managed to get an apron finished for my sewing class. I had some fun checkered fabric from that load of free fabric from my friend. I still want to put some front pockets on this to be a little more functional, but here it is for now.

I feel like a 50s housewife

We learned how to make ruffles

We haven’t had class the past couple weeks since my student was out of town and then the facility was booked for something else, but it’s been a nice breather. I’ve gotten to go to RUF at Belhaven with Ben, which is always a treat.

And now it’s NOVEMBER – the best month of the year! Why, you may ask? Because I get two holidays off of work – Veterans Day and Thanksgiving – and it’s my birthday month and I took off for my birthday as a treat to myself. Looking forward to the short weeks ahead. I think it will make the holidays and end of the year come much sooner. But there are so many things I need to make before then, including a tree skirt requested by my husband. Hmm…I guess I better be nice to my machine and maybe she’ll get me through this season.


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