Let the celebrations begin!

My birthday is next week. If you’ve actually seen me in person recently, you would already know this cause I’ve probably mentioned it to you. More than once. My birthday is kind of a big deal. But I’ve begun to realize that other people don’t see it the same way as me. I started to have pick up on this shortly after getting married. I expected that Ben would make my birthday equivalent to a national holiday, to include a parade with 100 ft tall Spongebob Squarepants balloon, among other of my favorite cartoon characters, and high school marching bands. But I was surprised when he didn’t. Didn’t he know that parade commissioner/party planner was part of his duties as a husband? I thought I had snuck that into our vows somewhere…

What I would like to do is push Thanksgiving and Christmas back a couple months, cause they sort of overshadow my birthday. Everybody’s thinking about what to cook for Thanksgiving, and where to go Christmas shopping, and looking forward to seeing family. I’ve filed a request with Congress, and am waiting to hear back. I mean come on, if they created National Frozen Food day, certainly they can tweak the calendar a little for such an important occasion.

Alas, I still haven’t had a parade in my honor, or even a response to my holiday adjustment request. But I have come up with my own ways to make my birthday week (that’s right, I make it a week long) a celebration. This year I took off a couple days from work. Oh, and the government decided to give me a three day weekend the weekend before my birthday. You thought it was for Veteran’s Day? No, silly it’s for me. Thanks Uncle Sam! I also spend a lot of my money to treat myself to eating out. And having a birthday is a license to eat as much sweets as I want. Polish off that birthday cake on my own? No problem.

The down side to all this celebrating is that when my week is over, I’ve got a lot of housework to catch up on, I’m bored because I ran out of things to do at home with all my time off, and I’ve gained 5 pounds. But no worries, I’m just getting ready for the rest of the holidays.



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