Gifts and Secrets

I know that I haven’t had many sewing projects to show recently, but that’s because I’m working on Christmas presents. Dang, it’s already that time of the year. Ben always suggests that I make gifts, and I am always hesitant too because 1) I don’t think I can make anything good enough to give away, and 2) it is so hard to make something that someone wants! Everybody wants technological stuff, or gift cards, or kitchen gadgets – things that can’t be sewn. Another problem is that I can’t come up with any good ideas. Like, what in the world do you sew for men? It’s not too hard to make cutesy things for the women, but the guys? I don’t have a clue. And there are lots of great ideas for gifts on the internet — for women, and little boys. But I’m still racking my brain for some guys gifts. We shall see what I come up with, cause this year I’m just going to do it – I’m making gifts. Some of them, at least.

A couple things I can show that I’ve made recently are baprons (baby aprons) I made with this tutorial. I made up several and gave a couple to a friend of mine that is due any day now! They are pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and so quick and easy to make. The ones I made for my friend I backed with material from a dishcloth so it had some usefulness at wiping up messes.

With the leftover fabric from each bapron, I made some pacifier holders with this tutorial. These turned out awesome.

The best part is I could buy fat quarters (Ben and I enjoy chuckling at this sewing term. He likes to call them Fat Teddies) that are sold pre-cut at Wal-Mart, and they have some fun patterns. Baby things are so much fun to make because you can use some loud and busy patterns that I would never use to make a dress for myself, and they’re such small projects that I can get a few done at once and feel very accomplished.

Also there’s something new on the blog! Play I Spy and see if you can find it. Not yet? There’s no longer a Completed Sewing Projects page, but on the right side of the page you can see pictures of the older projects. Click at the bottom of the pictures for more!


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