A Great Week

Sadly, all things much come to an end. Even my birthday week. But what a great birthday I had! We got to babysit (catsit?) a stray kitten, I got two days off work to spend time with my wonderful husband, hear said husband preach at RUF at Belhaven, talk to several old friends, and see tons of a family and friends. Of course, most of that had nothing to do with my birthday, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make the week better.

It’s a good thing we found a home for this kitty, cause I was starting to get attached. She is so cute! And so good – she hardly ever made any noise. We were going to call her Widget. Thankfully, my cousin took her and they came up with a better name.

And now, (insert drum roll) the long awaited sewing machine is finally here! It’s here, it’s here!

What a beauty! I got a new sewing machine as a collective gift from alllll of my family, plus what I’d saved up.

And it runs like a dream. The first thing I sewed were some ear warmers (from this tutorial) as a birthday present for my grandmother.

Mimi, an ultimate Mississippi State fan, got some maroon ear warmers to keep her toasty at the football games. Although, with the warm weather we’re having, she may not need them this year. Hopefully they’ll come in handy for her at some point.

And now on to the next holidays: just one more day until Thanksgiving, then only a month until Christmas! Ben will be cooking up a couple dishes for Thursday. Lots more food, family and friends to come!


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