A Modified Clutch

I found some great fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby, but then I needed to decide what to do with it. Pinterest is an addiction, but it’s so useful for finding great project ideas. So I took my new fabric home and looked at things I’ve pinned. I decided to make this beautiful gathered clutch from this tutorial, but I put an outside flap on it so it looked more like a stand-alone clutch, than a zippered pouch to stick in your purse.

It even has a divider pocket and pockets for credit cards or driver’s license – anything about that size.

Ben had the good idea to put snaps on the flap. So to do that I got to buy this awesome new tool, snap pliers. It looks so cool with the snaps! It takes away a bit of the homemade look of it. And I love getting new tools!



2 thoughts on “A Modified Clutch

  1. I got to use one of those snap things the summer I was a children’s ministry intern! So fun. In fact, being in children’s ministry “requires” the use of all kinds of fun gadgets. 🙂 The clutch came out really cute!

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