Home turf

Gang wars are so outdated. Here in Jackson, we have gas wars.
That’s right – while folks in Alaska are on a fuel shortage and looking at the potential of gas prices to skyrocket to $9 a gallon,  you can reap the benefits of neighboring gas stations vying for your business.
At the corner of Northside Dr. and Frontage Rd. in Jackson, MS there are 3 little gas stations. Just a little ways down Frontage Rd. are two more. Since sometime this past summer these gas stations have been steadily undercutting each other to offer the lowest gas prices, which has caused a significant drop in the prices at these stations compared to the other hundreds of gas stations in the metro area. It has also created a never-ending line of people at these gas stations.
This is all nice and dandy, except these are my gas stations. I live off of Northside Dr, and have to drive by these gas stations to get anywhere. But now I have to wait in line for 30 minutes to get gas at the most convenient places because all of these people from Madison and Brandon and Clinton are driving in to my neighborhood to reap the benefits.
But the issue here isn’t really the crowd of people, it’s the crowd of crazy people. It’s the Christmas shopping season. And people lose their minds when they’re out shopping – as evidenced by the incidents of pepper spraying and shooting during Black Friday this year. These people have lost their damn minds.
I’m not going to rant. Here’s my plea: please don’t come buy our cheap gas and unloose your psychoses in my neighborhood. Stay in Madison and Brandon and Clinton, and cause your trouble there. For the sake of my safety, time and sanity, start your own gas wars.

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