2012, here we go

So sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the Christmas presents I made. I was in such a rush to get them finished, wrapped and packed that I forgot all about pictures. And I haven’t touched my machine since I finished the last present almost two weeks ago. Oh well. I hope to start off the new year with lots of projects. I also have a brand new niece that arrived shortly after Christmas. So there will probably be lots of little girl projects soon, because they’re just so much fun to make.


This year we spent Christmas with family in Orlando. Not only was it wonderful to see family that we never get to see, but the balmy 80 degrees was nice too.

Since we’ve been back, we’ve had a few more Christmases with other families, and then rang in New Years 2012. Though there’s only a difference in a day, the fact that we made it through 2011 seems like quite a feat. One more year down! Now I can say that Ben graduates next year. Oh, so close!

I’m recovering from all the celebrating today, and then it’s back to real life tomorrow. I hope everyone’s new year started out great!



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