High Hopes

I have lost my spark of inspiration. I think it was making the Christmas presents in such a short amount of time. Because New Years was on a Sunday this year, yesterday was my holiday from work. I had all day long to do whatever I wanted. I did the obligatory housework – but not too much, it was my holiday after all. And then when I had free time, I spent the rest of my day playing my new Wii game, Super Paper Mario (which, by the way is awesome – definitely more my speed than a lot of other video games. I’m not very good at video games). I haven’t touched my sewing machine in a couple weeks. I think I’ve just needed to be lazy to recover from the holidays.

But as the new year settles in, and I get used to the normal day in and day out again, I am browsing my blog rolls and Pinterest for inspiration to get my lazy butt off the couch. And I will be back at my machine soon.

My most recent sewing projects have veered away from clothes and more towards accessories – bags, clutches, scarves, baby items. I think I like these better because small projects are quicker, so I have a sense of accomplishment, instead of getting bogged down with a large project and never finishing. Also, there’s a dread associated with starting a new, big project knowing it will require a large investment of time and the fear that it won’t turn out well. When I first started sewing I wanted to make clothes for myself – mainly dresses. I made a bunch at first. And hated them all. Of all the things I’ve made for myself, I’ve gotten rid of most of them because I didn’t like how they turned out. So this year I plan to better my skills and make quality garments that I will actually keep and wear. While the act of creating is fun in and of itself, getting to wear it is really the point. I’ve already got the fabric picked out for my first project of 2012. Just have to pick out a pattern, and buy the fabric and notions. With how my skills have developed over the past couple years, and my new sewing machine, I have high hopes for some successful projects.


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