Happy Hunger Games!

In my lifetime there’s been Harry Potter and Twilight – frenzied, dressed-up fans that wait in line all night for the release of the books, and then the midnight showings of the movies. I’ve enjoyed those franchises, but never really got caught up in the hysteria. I went to a Harry Potter midnight release of the last book to “get the experience,” I’ve been to Harry Potter World at Universal, and I’ve seen the Twilight movies, but that’s about it. Harry Potter was brilliant, and Twilight I just saw cause everybody was seeing them. But they never really gripped me enough to turn me into a neurotic fan.

But now there’s The Hunger Games. While the first book came out in 2008, I didn’t hear about them until 2011, after the final book had been published. I read them that summer, and from the moment I picked up the first book, I couldn’t stop reading. I devoured all three of them, and when they were over, I craved more. Around this time came the announcement that there’d be a movie in 2012. Since then, I’ve been eagerly waiting, following any news stories about what was going on with the production. When the trailers came out, I watched every one…several times. I read the series again to have a refresher for the movie – and I thought they were even better the second time! I even downloaded the soundtrack (which is actually really good regardless of your thoughts on the books/movie).

Finally the day of the premier came! I put it in our family calendar and had been counting down the days, frequently asking my husband when could we go see it? I wasn’t planning on it, but he offered to take me to a Thursday midnight showing. So, even with work looming early in the morning, we went! I just couldn’t wait any longer to see the book I loved come to life on the big screen. And my sister joined us, also a fan of the books. There are always high expectations of a movie adaptation of a book, with considerable fears of disappointment. But the movie didn’t let me down one bit. And Ben, who hasn’t read it, also really enjoyed it. The lack of sleep was completely worth it.

Despite all the hype surrounding the series, there will probably be people that don’t care for the books or the movie. But I find myself now just longing for the next movie (hoping hoping hoping they make the other two books into movies!). I didn’t realize I had one, but my fanatical side finally came out. I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

I am Caitlin, and I have been a Hunger Games fan for a year. I promise to do my best not to let every conversation with you, my friends, be about The Hunger Games. I promise not to start dressing in garish Capitol garb. I promise not to lose my grip on reality and start sniping people with a bow and arrow. But I can’t promise I won’t read the books again, or listen to the soundtrack repeatedly, or even see the movie again. Thank you, Super Hubby, for not making fun of me too terribly much.


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