Pintuck Dress

I have been working on this pattern for a couple weeks now: Simplicity 2365.


I finally finished, and it turned out wonderfully!

I absolutely love the pintucks on the bodice. I was nervous about doing them because I’m still not great at perfectly straight lines, but it turned out really well.


It also had a cute little sleeve detail.


This dress has princess seams, which are curved seams over the bust. I’ve only tried princess seams once before and it was awful. But this time I managed to do it right. The pattern was supposed to be a tunic, but I decided I wanted a dress so I just lengthened it. I actually finished the dress, per the pattern, a week ago, but it was a little too boxy. So I decided to take in the sides to make it more form-fitting, which meant it needed a zipper in order to put it on. I just got my invisible zipper foot this week, so I got to test it out (this means no more broken invisible zippers from using the wrong foot. Yay!). And thus you have the finished product.

Though I’m happy with the overall product, I made a few mistakes that, if corrected, will make an even better piece next time I make this pattern.

1. I lengthened the pattern into a dress, but did it in the wrong place. Instead of adding it to the bottom, I added it at the waist like a dodo. I have to drop the waistline an inch on patterns to fit my body anyway, and for some reason I got it into my head that adding all the additional length I needed here was a good idea. It was not. I think this is what made the boxy-ness of the dress.
2. I must have used too much of a seam allowance on the sleeves because the cuff is too wide under my arm. Oh well.
3. I need to adjust the pattern to have back darts to give it more of a shape, instead of just taking it in at the sides. This made the fabric pull in weird places. Sadly, I didn’t think about this until after I had finished it. Darn.

One of my other weekend projects was a zipper pouch for my cousin.


I decided to experiment a bit, and made the front center panel pleated, with just a plain back and some inside pockets.

I thought having sewn all weekend would leave me burned out, but I’m just chomping at the bit for my next project. I’ve got a few things in mind, so we’ll see what turns out!


6 thoughts on “Pintuck Dress

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  3. I just saw this on — it looks fantastic on you! I think I’m going to pick up this pattern while it’s on sale. I don’t know if I could make it look this cool, but I’ll tuck it away for a rainy day. Great work on your dress! 🙂

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