In the 21st Century

Sewing reminds me of an older time. When I think of home sewing, images of flour sack dresses and vintage styles come to mind. But I am a child of the technological era—using computers and such is ingrained in my brain and bleeds into every aspect of my life. With the intuitiveness and simplicity of my iPad, the remarkable capabilities of the touch screen, and the endless number of apps available, I was super excited to integrate my age old hobby with our century.

Though I haven’t been able to find sewing specific apps (besides this one to catalog patterns), I have used a sketching app for mock-ups of my own patterns. The cool thing about all the sketch apps out there are they very imitative of normal pencil-on-paper drawing, but provide the ability to not only save a digital copy, but import text and photos. I’ve drafted three projects so far on the iPad, and the convenience of having every drawing in one place and not tons of paper floating around my house is wonderful. It is difficult to write with your finger, and so I am in the process of researching and getting a stylus – I know, I know, it’s blasphemous to even think of using a stylus on the multi-touch iPad screen, but a stylus just provides so much more precision and the ability to see what you’re drawing, as opposed to my stubby finger. So you’ll just have to forgive me. Here’s one borrowing Ben’s stylus. The idea is I could catalog and reuse these project designs.

(the finished product of this project soon to come!)

Hopefully home sewing will become more popular and someone will figure out a way to utilize the iPad as a tool specific to sewing. I honestly don’t know what this could be, but I’m sure there’s some good idea out there and I’ll leave it up to those more creative than me to figure it out.

So this is the world we live in, peeps. And it’s awesome. Obviously the implications of today’s technology are much more extensive than my humble little hobby, but the practicality if provides for my life is incredible. I look forward to what I’ll see come about in my lifetime.


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