iPad Sleeve and some weekend fun

I decided I need a bag for my iPad, but I’ve discovered they don’t really make cute purses for iPad cases…at least not any I could find. So I figured I’d just make a sleeve to carry it around in. I thought it would be pretty simple, but the final product is never as good as it is in my head. Here it is


I put a couple pockets on the front, and a flap button closure. I tried to make it fit with my smart cover on, and it does, but just barely. The back is just plain fabric. I bought this fabric in the scrap bins at Hobby Lobby and love it. I’ve used it on several projects, but I’m down to the last few scraps now. It’s just so pretty!


Hey, look at that good lookin guy! We spent a day at the Res yesterday for Belhaven RUF’s end of the year shindig. It was so nice to be outside! I think I even got some sun.

Oh, and I got a haircut. It’s summer, and I just figured what the heck and cut it all off. Here’s me in my frumpy Sunday pjs, but whatevs.


And lastly, here’s my fluffy kitty!



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