Project Fail

I got this book called “Chic and Simple Sewing” a while ago, and had yet to make anything from it.


So last week I decided to try a pattern from it. I have a ton of seersucker in my stash and thought I’d try a shirt pattern called the Baby Doll Top. The picture from the book looks so cute.


The patterns from the book are really simple, and I figured I could whip up a quick top. I got the main part of it finished.

Not so bad from the front, but turn sideways…

That could be a tent for a three ring circus!

So that project got scrapped. There’s a Flickr group of finished projects from the book, and those tops look cute, so I might give it another try later. I’m sure I just need some lighter fabric that won’t stick out so much. So you shouldn’t take this as a bad review of the book, just a bad project for me. But for now I’ve moved on to the next project.

Super Hubs is out of town for the week. I thought I’d have a lot of sewing time, but I’m actually pretty busy. It’s nice though, cause then the week goes by fast. But I will (hopefully) have a new dress to share by the end of the week. This is one without a pattern, so I hope it turns out as beautifully as it looks in my head.


Look at that sweet face! My puppy, Colby, is keeping me company til Hubby comes home.


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