Notice anything new?


I got some new jewelry. Thankfully, this is when being hidden in a cubicle all day comes in handy.

If you’re in the Jackson area and want a piercing or tattoo, I highly recommend Squench’s in South Jackson. They’re the best in town – super clean, very professional, and so nice.

I have to admit – this is now the second time I’ve gotten my nose pierced. When I was in college and stupid I had it done, but then ignored the instructions on keeping the ring in until it healed (it’s easier to clean with a ring in). So of course it didn’t heal right, and just became a bother, and I let it close up. So there’s a tip for you: follow the instructions from your piercing specialist- they do actually know what they’re doing.

I just knew I would hate how the ring looked, but this time around I am willing to put up with it because I am determined to keep the piercing. Although, now the ring is kind of growing on me, I might keep it for a while.

Sorry, Momma. I know you had such high hopes for me.


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