Inspiration and Execution

I found this dress at Target that I absolutely loved…

But I didn’t love that it was see-through. And the one I found had no slip underneath…it was on the clearance rack, so maybe it was just missing the slip, but regardless, I didn’t need a see-through dress. So I decided that I could make a similar dress myself.

There are a ton of tutorials online for simple sheath dresses (here and here are a couple), so I took those ideas and made my own from this gorgeous fabric I found at JoAnn.


(pardon the awful pictures! With hubby gone, it’s all I can do)
I added a casing inside at the waist for elastic. I also made my first attempt at sewing a blind hem on the machine. This is a great way to hem a dress because, like the name implies, the stitching for the most part is invisible. It adds a clean, classy finish.

Tada! I think for my first attempt it looks pretty good. It wasn’t perfect, I still had to fix a bit with some hand sewing, but I love how it turned out.

Some more pics of the dress:



I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out since it wasn’t from a pattern. I feel like this dress channels a nice Hawaiian evening out (hint hint, Hubs). I have a good bit of  this beautiful fabric left over, so I’ll get something else out of it.

But next it’s another attempt at a seersucker project. I’m determined to get something in seersucker before summer’s over.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration and Execution

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  2. I love these sorts of dresses and bought a bunch of them the last two summers. Many are too low or strappy though, maybe I should make some to my taste! 🙂

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