Enjoying My Creations

As my lack of presence on my blog would show, I haven’t been sewing much the past week. Actually, none at all. Once Hubs got back from his trip, we’ve been spending time together and getting used to our summer schedule.

Even though I haven’t touched my sewing machine all week, I have discovered a new joy in wearing my home-made outfits. I’ve now been sewing about 3 years. It’s only in the last few months that I’ve actually started liking what I make, and I look forward to wearing my creations. If you go back to my earliest posts, I don’t have any of those garments anymore because they just weren’t that well made. But now I wear my completed projects regularly, and love wearing them. It’s really neat to look at how much my skill and confidence in that skill have increased.

A few areas I’ve noticed improvement that have made a HUGE difference in the final products:

– Picking the right pattern size, as well as making adjustments. One of the first dresses I ever made (don’t even have a photo of it) was soooooo gigantic because I didn’t have a clue how to pick my pattern size. It took a long time to get here, but having garments that actually fit me make alllll the difference in how they look.

– Picking appropriate fabric. I still struggle with this, but I’ve gotten better. When picking fabric you have to be aware of the weight of the fabric and how it will drape as a garment, as well as the color/pattern. I don’t really have problem with weight anymore, but for me, there’s always been a disconnect between seeing fabric on a bolt in the store and imagining how that fabric would look as a garment on a person. Pretty fabrics don’t always make pretty garments. Remember this horribly gross bright green thing (bottom of the page)? Yuck! Don’t have that one anymore.

– Understanding garment construction. Now that I’ve done tons of projects, I have a good understanding of just basic garment construction. This helps a lot when following a pattern because even if the directions seem muddled, you can easily figure out what needs to be done. This is also helpful because I can make alterations to patterns if I want it to look a different way.

– Basic sewing techniques. This, of course, has increased the more I sew. I can now put in a standard zipper without breaking it (although I do still break needles sometimes, oh well). Still learning the invisible zipper, but I can put one in for the most part. I can do understitching successfully, which keeps linings from showing on the edge of garments. And I can conquer any princess seam that comes my way.

– I’m comfortable with knit fabric. My old machine didn’t like knit fabric very much, but my new one works beautifully on knits. Also, Janome has special needles for knit fabrics, and I’ve noticed that when I forgot to change the needle, it actually makes a difference. So since my machine works well on knits, I’ve been able to get comfortable using this fabric. And items made out of knits are the most comfortable things to wear, so I’m super excited I can actually use them.

Of course, having an awesome machine definitely helps my final garments look better.

I look forward to how much I’ll continue to learn, maybe some fancy techniques. And I still hope one day to cultivate my creativity in this area enough to design my own projects.

And now after writing this blog post, I’m ready to get on to the next project! Man, I can’t believe I haven’t sewed in a week!


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