Seersucker skirt

It’s been a while, but I finally got some time to put my seersucker skirt together that I’ve been planning for a while. I used Simplicity 2451 again (first attempt here), but this time I did the longer version C. It’s so nice to work with a pattern I’m familiar with – there are no surprises at how it will turn out!

This is a seersucker with white and light blue? gray? stripes.


I’d never worked with seersucker before, but it just epitomizes summer clothing for me. This skirt is super comfortable, and I like the longer length better also. One thing I learned about seersucker though – it’s see-through! And I didn’t think to line the skirt. Needless to say, wearing it requires a slip, but regardless, it’s still a great skirt.

I attempted another project with the remainder of the fabric from this dress. I love that fabric, and I had plenty left to make a shirt. I had this new Cynthia Rowley pattern, 1872, that I wanted to use.


A downside to working with new patterns is when I cut out the wrong size. I cut out the entire pattern, and was halfway through putting it together when I realized it was so small there was no way to get it over my head. And so I completely wasted the last of my fabric. Pretty sure this pattern is true to the measurements on the pattern envelope — but we shall see next time I attempt to make it.

So to make myself feel better, I just went and bought more fabric today (insert big cheesy grin here). Hope to have more to show you soon!


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